ABPM Market

It is estimated that about 1,5 billion people world-wide are suffering from hypertension – and the numbers are increasing. Hypertension is an important public-health challenge worldwide. Prevention, detection, treatment and control of this condition should receive high priority. It has been identified as one of the leading risk factors for mortality and morbidity worldwide, and is ranked third as a cause disability-adjusted life-year.

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Sense A/S

Over the past decade, Sense has developed a novel concept for continuous, non-interfering 24-hours BPM device, called ContiPress™. The scheme is non-invasive but with a cuff. The physical interference with the patient is negligible. The measurement method is based on impedance sensing. Sense A/S is owned by two major Danish venture funds and a small group of private investors. The team behind Sense has been recruited with focus on strong backgrounds in signal processing as well as an international medical experience.

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A Non-interfering BPM Device

Sense is currently dedicated to develop an easy-to-use, continuous, non-interfering and non-invasive 24 hours blood pressure measurement device to aid in the diagnostics of hypertension.

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